Saturday, August 25, 2012

Silliest Dog Picture Contest Winners

Wow, what a fantastic turnout for the contest. We appreciate each and every one of the 47 entries that came in and the new likes as well as shares of our business. First off, I'd like to say that picking the top 3 winners was incredibly difficult. There were some absolutely hilarious photos that had us laughing out loud!!!

Although not everyone can win the top 3 prizes we mentioned on Facebook (custom leash, custom tug, $5 certificate off Wag and Woof Products), we are concluding that everyone is a winner for entering their dog and would like to send out a big thank you. We'll reveal our way of saying thank you at the end of this blog post...

Here are the winners...

1st place goes to Emily Rose Godlevsky. We have to admit, a butt in the face while doing nothing but trying to play fetch is not what this little Corgi bargained for. Hopefully you're still up for catching because we're tossing a customized leash your way!

2nd place goes to Bethany Crawford. I think this border collie is trying to tell us something. We've got three balls laying around but no tug toys. Clearly, the laundry basket is the protest spot. Fear no more, a customized tug toy will be sent your way!

3rd place goes to Natasha Farinaccio. Looks like this pup is yawning because he doesn't have any great Wag and Woof products to show off. No worries, we'll be giving you a $5 gift certificate off of Wag and Woof Gear so you can order yourself something special!

And, as a big thank you to everyone else who entered our contest, we would like to send you a $3 gift certificate off of your next Wag and Woof purchase. We hope we've peaked your interest in what we have to offer. In order to claim your prize, top 3 winners and consolation winners, please e-mail your mailing address to For the winners of the custom leash and custom tug, we will also need you to let us know which type of leash or tug you are getting and the colors it needs to be. Please allow time for your leash or tug to be made as college will be started on Monday and I will be a bit busy this coming week. All gift certificates will be mailed out as soon as possible! Thank you again!!!

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  1. Oh yea!! Galaxy will LOVE her new leash! Thank you!!